Hi everyone, Today's a bit of a different one for me. On an average day I would be sitting in my office working away at a 15,000 word dissertation (that is slightly overwritten at 30,000 words - nobody will notice right?) for my Masters Degree, in the small town of Kirkby, Liverpool; a cup of tea in one hand and my dog desperately trying to distract me from working. Today, however is different. I am sat in a lovely hotel in Frankfurt, Germany after wrapping on a shoot! I had the privilege to be cast in a new project a few weeks ago; we filmed part of it in the UK last weekend and today we have been flown out to Frankfurt, Germany, to film the rest of it. We have been treated very well and al

I'm off on an Adventure

It's Saturday 3rd December, it's 8.03am and I am sat on a train to a destination that I am not allowed to talk about, for a project I am not allowed to talk about. A good, informative topic to write about huh? As soon as you say "I can't tell you what it is" other people must think I'm being deliberately secretive but you can't even breathe for fear of saying too much. It's often the case in this game. I always want to let people know what I am upto because these people continually support me in everything that I do. Some I have known for over 15 years and others I only know through passing in the street or on Facebook but the support, genuine well wishing and rooting for me to fulfill my a

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