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You Plonker!

It's Friday afternoon (28th April 2017) and I am sat in my dressing room (like a proper thespian - not the fact that I am stupidly early because I mistimed how long it would take for me to get to the theatre!) at the Belfast Grand Opera House.

We are here for two nights playing the Baby Grand with the 'Delboy and Rodney' show after a great night performing at the Ulster Reform Club yesterday.

Belfast always feels like a second home to me, it feels just like Liverpool; the people are so warm and very generous, the building look very similar, the humour is very similar and even the layout of the city is similar. So performing again in the beautiful city is a real joy and the show always seems to go down very well here.

We got to go to belfast 89 fm this morning the record an interview to promote the show and it was great fun. It's a real pleasure to be working with this team again. We have been working together now for 3 years and it really does feel like a family.

Even if I am a 'Plonker'!

Hope you have all 'Cushty' weekend!

Rodders x

Rodders x

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