You Plonker!

It's Friday afternoon (28th April 2017) and I am sat in my dressing room (like a proper thespian - not the fact that I am stupidly early because I mistimed how long it would take for me to get to the theatre!) at the Belfast Grand Opera House. We are here for two nights playing the Baby Grand with the 'Delboy and Rodney' show after a great night performing at the Ulster Reform Club yesterday. Belfast always feels like a second home to me, it feels just like Liverpool; the people are so warm and very generous, the building look very similar, the humour is very similar and even the layout of the city is similar. So performing again in the beautiful city is a real joy and the show always seems


Hi everyone, It's been a while! I have been doing a few acting projects that I have absolutely LOVED! Today I have a day off to do all of the catching up whilst listening to some Jason Derulo (you know you just said that in his voice)! I have had the absolute privilege of once again being a part of the St Helens Theatre Royal's Easter Panto; last year I had a blast playing the villainous Captain Hook and this year I got to play the Egotistical (but extremely good looking apparently) Gaston! As an actor I try to take roles that challenge me; ones that I know I can bring something to. This is the fundamental element that I look for when I am fortunate to be offered work. A lot of actors that I

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