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See You Again 'Over The Rainbow'

In the blink of an eye, it was gone, disappearing in a whirlwind strong enough to whisk you away to Kansas.

The first day of rehearsals was like slipping on a favourite pair of shoes. After the first run we were virtually ready to roll. The cast are welcoming, considerate and talented. The production team are encouraging and supportive; a joy to be part of such a wonderful production.

When you are performing two show days you quickly become immersed in the world and it feels like nothing else exists. A great camaraderie builds and you are reminded why so many people love to go to the theatre and so many actors love to play in it.

Waking up this morning realising you don't have to take the trip 'Over The Rainbow' is quite a sad one, particularly for this show as it's such a well loved story, with well loved characters.

One moment that will stick with me for a very long time is seeing a Tiny Tinman on stage with me.

This is why I love theatre and why I love working at St Helens Theatre Royal!

Hopefully I will see you all again 'Over The Rainbow'!

Love Tinman♥

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