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Hi everyone,

It's been a while! I have been doing a few acting projects that I have absolutely LOVED! Today I have a day off to do all of the catching up whilst listening to some Jason Derulo (you know you just said that in his voice)!

I have had the absolute privilege of once again being a part of the St Helens Theatre Royal's Easter Panto; last year I had a blast playing the villainous Captain Hook and this year I got to play the Egotistical (but extremely good looking apparently) Gaston!

As an actor I try to take roles that challenge me; ones that I know I can bring something to. This is the fundamental element that I look for when I am fortunate to be offered work. A lot of actors that I know LOVE to work but I think I may feel slightly different, I LOVE to work on very specific projects; projects that I feel I can develop over the course of a project, projects that I can do justice to. Being out of work can be really disheartening for an actor however I feel that it can also be a time to develop skills and interests so that when I next come to work (hopefully) I will be slightly better than the last time I was working.

There is nothing worse for an actor (I don't think) than walking away from a project thinking "I could have done better or I could have given more". This is something that drives me on a production and usually results in a loss of half a stone over the run, great for trimming those extra pounds over Easter!

Fortunately we have had brilliant reviews for the whole production. Working at St Helens Theatre Royal is always a wonderful experience because of the people, they really are like a family and welcome you with open arms. The cast are always so positive, warm and naturally very talented, it makes any newcomer feel so at ease.

Playing Gaston was initially very intimidating, especially after seeing the amazing Luke Evans play him so magnificently and I having a lot of time to think about it before we actually started rehearsals. The whole team however encourages you to take creative ownership of the role and enabled me to develop the character until the last second of the performance, a trait I really tried to develop whilst at University.

In the end I felt like I did 'Gaston' justice, in my own way.

I would just like to finish with a special #ShoutOutFromGaston thanking everyone from the St Helens Theatre Royal, the amazing cast and all of our wonderful audiences.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and enjoyed your easter eggs Two At A Time Baby Yeah!

Love Gaston


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