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I'm off on an Adventure

It's Saturday 3rd December, it's 8.03am and I am sat on a train to a destination that I am not allowed to talk about, for a project I am not allowed to talk about. A good, informative topic to write about huh? 

As soon as you say "I can't tell you what it is" other people must think I'm being deliberately secretive but you can't even breathe for fear of saying too much. It's often the case in this game.

I always want to let people know what I am upto because these people continually support me in everything that I do. Some I have known for over 15 years and others I only know through passing in the street or on Facebook but the support, genuine well wishing and rooting for me to fulfill my ambitions is always incredibly humbling. 

One of my most important ambitions is to avoid letting these people down; I think people deserve to have their faith rewarded and hopefully between us we can achieve that shared success.

Nevertheless I'm off to do something exciting for this next week and when I get to my destination there will be somebody with a sign waiting for me, you know the thing you see in the movies; get me, I will be thinking I am Daniel Craig next! 

I always try to be confident when I apply for any position but I particularly felt that when I went for the job that I could be successful if I gave it my best. It was just one of those times where I felt that something was meant to be, if only on a microlevel. 

I always aim to give it my and I truly value that if you give something your best you can have huge pride in that, regardless of the outcome.

I have a lot of people who message me asking for advice on a variety of things, (which is very flattering because I dont feel as if I know anything at all) but I always try to help wherever I can. The main point I always try to impart is to follow your instincts and whatever makes you happy. 

On that note, I will leave you. I will let you know more when I can but in the meantime I hope you have a lovely day, one filled with happiness and a Christmas treat! 

The very best of wishes


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