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September Surprise!

Hi everyone,

How is your day going? I'm currently sat desperately trying to type whilst my 4 year old poodle does everything she can to stop me! She is always craving attention!

It's Monday afternoon, 14.32pm and the weather is typically grey. Hopefully it won't rain we have football later!

It has been a fantastic summer for me; I have had the fortune of playing 'The Tin Man' once again with Regal Entertainments and we toured the show to Stockport Plaza, what a fantastic venue and incredibly welcoming staff. It was so lovely to be back with such a wonderful company and meeting some new friends along The Yellow Brick Road.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

It's always quite unnerving the moment you finish one job not knowing what is around the corner. I was so fortunate as we were able to take 'The Delboy and Rodney' show to Belfast as a special wedding surprise and it went down a treat, the guests loved it and so did the happy couple.

I then completed August with three fantastic projects; playing Sir William Herschel and Sir Isaac Newton for the lovely Lizardfish and two brilliant corporate films for Virgin Atlantic and Asda.

It's always humbling to be in work and see so many friends supporting your work. In this industry in particular work is hard to find for any actor so I am tremendously grateful for what comes my way and always try to pass on anything that may not be suitable for me to some of the incredible performers that I know.

So now we are in September. Halloween (possibly my most favourite time of year) is just around the corner.

My September Surprise is that I have been pencilled for a new project. I don't think I will get it but to be pencilled is an exciting prospect! Who knows what exciting opportunities it will bring for us all.

I hope you have a brilliant 'September Surprise' waiting for you!




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