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Mr J!

Hi everyone,

2017 has started off nicely for me. I submitted my MA in Education and I am due my results any day now, I have had a few pieces of work, upped my fitness levels and had time to do lots of things that I love doing. I hope yours is going well too?

In my time off from working I can sometimes get restless, the need to be constantly developing or moving forward comes from a fear that I'm not doing enough or that simply I'm not good enough, I guess.

At the weekend I decided to spend some of my spare time creating something that I have wanted to for a long time, photographs of MR J! The Joker has always been a character that fascinates me. As a HUGE Batman fan, aside from playing The Dark Knight (which I don't think I ever will) would be playing his arch nemesis, The Joker (which hopefully could be a realistic ambition, on some level). I often question whether or not the mask represents or holds his insanity, as an actor you question whether or not you can tap into that psyche.

The Joker has been played by a few truly mesmerising actors; Romero, Nicholson, Hamill, Ledger and I feel that Leto has had a rough deal so far but I wanted to give something that may shape my Joker, if I ever got the chance to fully.

So here it is, I hope it makes you SMILE as much as I did making it. As always the full credit for everything that I do well goes to my wonderful partner Emily, no task is too big and love, like Batman "...has no limits..." [TDK].

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