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Hi everyone,

Today's a bit of a different one for me. On an average day I would be sitting in my office working away at a 15,000 word dissertation (that is slightly overwritten at 30,000 words - nobody will notice right?) for my Masters Degree, in the small town of Kirkby, Liverpool; a cup of tea in one hand and my dog desperately trying to distract me from working. Today, however is different. I am sat in a lovely hotel in Frankfurt, Germany after wrapping on a shoot!

I had the privilege to be cast in a new project a few weeks ago; we filmed part of it in the UK last weekend and today we have been flown out to Frankfurt, Germany, to film the rest of it.

We have been treated very well and all of the cast and crew are lovely. It's a bit of a dream job (as they go at my level in this industry) and I can honestly say that I don't know how I got to be here from that 12 year old with over-ambitious dreams.

Being an actor things are very rarely steady; this wonderful treatment won't always be here, I know that. When you get back to reality it often feels like you are back to square one again so I always try to appreciate each moment because you just don't know when it's going to end, as David Tennant often quotes.

I went through high school dreaming of one day being a successful actor, waking up in the morning to feel a genuine sense of love for what I do and in many respects I have achieved that however being a Leo it is always a fear of it disappearing. I am also very aware that this experience is something that not everybody experiences.

I often think that all of those moments throughout the years, particularly when I was studying nursing getting up at 6am, starting work at 7.30 in the hospital, finishing at 5.30, going straight to rehearsals and getting back home at 12pm are beginning to pay off now, 8 years later. I am also realising that this is the normal amount of effort that many people give just to survive each day and provide for their families and how lucky I really am.

I must always strive to work hard but also to work smarter and I really feel that this wünderbar job is a product of that.

I just wanted to write this to share my gratitude and if there is anything that I think may have helped me to get to sit here in a lovely hotel room in Germany it is a certain amount of hard work and a positive attitude. I wholeheartedly believe that a positive attitude can impact on and cultivate success in any form.

I hope you can all experience the success that you dream of and are able to do whatever you need to do to achieve it.


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